Management, Tracking, and Reporting

Management, Tracking, and Reporting

Monitor and measure your marketing campaigns to control costs and demonstrate ROI.

Delivery Tracking
Delivery Performance Reporting

Delivery Performance Reporting

Our postal optimization platform provides postage efficiencies, plus a dashboard that visually tracks mail delivery. It incorporates reporting and tracking tools to help you manage order volume, check inventory levels, view delivery information, and more.

These critical and timely insights ensure that you can supplement your communications with strategically timed, multi-channel offers, previews, and reminders to boost response rates and marketing effectiveness.

Key Reporting Features

  • 20 on-demand reports
  • Visual mapping
  • Performance-based metrics
  • Return mail processing (RPM)
  • Electronic return mail (ERM)

Plus, if you opt into Informed Delivery, you’ll have access to additional reporting dashboards from the USPS.

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