High-ROI Direct Mail

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Targeted and Personalized

We take variable data personalization way beyond first name and last name. Picture customized catalogs, tailored to the recipient’s browsing behaviors. Imagine communications that speak to the individual customer’s purchase history. With digital print and direct CRM integrations, meaningful personalization has arrived, and it’s here to help you drive conversions.


On Demand Means On Time and On Budget

Thanks to advanced digital print technology, you can print what you need, when you need it, eliminating waste and the need to warehouse excess materials. Quantum Group delivers speedy turnarounds along with supply chain and logistics expertise to ensure your mail gets where it’s going — fast.

Campaign Management

Quantum Group’s campaign management platform allows you to leverage explicit and implicit data about customers to better customize campaigns — including updating messaging and offers — in real time, making your campaigns more flexible and dynamic than ever. Within the campaign management platform, you can also easily access proofs and approve campaigns, saving your team time and effort. We’ll take it from there, getting your pieces to market quickly and efficiently.

Tracking and Analytics

Real-time tracking and analytics give you visibility at every step, and closed-loop reporting helps you show ROI. Want to see what your direct mail dashboard could look like?


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